Pastor Jeremy S. Baines and First Lady Tammy Baines have been pastoring at POFW since May 2014.  Pastor Baines has been in ministry since 1994.  Together they have been Sunday School Superintendents, Youth Pastors, Assistant Pastors and Senior Pastors.  They love God and love POFW! They are proud parents of Sophie.  Sis. Baines is the Worship/Music Director at POFW as well as various other First Lady functions.

Rev. Charles Jones & Sis. Andrea Jones serve POFW in various capacities.  They are the Assistant Pastors and musicians/praise singers.  Sis. Jones is also the Church Secretary.  Together with their children, Noah and Emma they are a blessing to POFW!  Their dedication to the people of God and the Kingdom are unmatched!


Rev. Jason Goree and Sis. Susan Goree serve POFW in various capacities.  They are Associate Pastors as well as our Youth Directors and Visitor Follow Up Directors.  Together with their children Jackson and Jasmine, they are blessings to POFW!  Bro. Goree also teaches Belts of Truth on Saturdays which is a community service that teaches kids martial arts as well as lessons about Jesus! Bro. & Sis. Goree have a great passion for the Church and God!


Bro. Mike and Sis. Jill Depew are the POFW Outreach Pastors!  Their passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus is unmatched.  If you would like a Bible Study or want to know more about Jesus, click their name to send them an email request.

First Pentecostal Church of Fort Wayne was founded in 1946 by Bishop Claude Lawson.


Bishop Lawson would pastor the church until 1986.  For 40 years, He would lead the church into growth spiritually and physically!  In 1986, Pastor Larry White would unanimously be affirmed as the second pastor of First Pentecostal Church.  Pastor White would lead this great congregation until his going home in 2014.  In May of 2014, Rev. Jeremy S. Baines would be unanimously affirmed as the third pastor of First Pentecostal Church.  He looks forward to honoring the rich heritage of this church while walking with them into the future!

In June 2019, First Pentecostal Church transitioned into a new and fresh season by adopting the official name of The Pentecostals of Fort Wayne for our local assembly.